Basic Volunteer Information

Note: Be sure to review the library’s Volunteer Policies (here). You will need to affirm that you have read and accept them before submitting your application.

Basic Volunteer Information

Basic Volunteer Information

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Parent or Guardian Approval Required for Volunteers Ages 12 thru 17.

If you have not already read the library's Parent or Guardian of Volunteers 12 Through 17 Years of Age Policies, please do so now at the bottom of this page, Read the Policies, (opens in a new window).

Select Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering for Other Areas - a note

Many volunteer roles such as fundraising, marketing, and program development do not require regular scheduled hours. Volunteers for these roles may work just a few hours on specific date(s). Others may work many hours per week. Some work may be at the library; other is done from home. Your involvement is dependent on your level of interest.

Availability for Regular Library Operations

"Occasional events" occur outside of normal library hours.

Other Information

Library Volunteer Policies

If you have not already read the library's Volunteer Policies, please do so now.

Read the Volunteer Policies, then return to check the "Yes" box below if you accept them.

If you do not accept the Volunteer Policies you cannot submit an application

Staff Interview and Approval

Input information about BOTH Interview and Approval Status.